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Repairs & Installation of New Shingle Roofs 

Repairs to decking in Aledo Texas (2).JP

Our roofing crews repair any damaged decking found removing the old roof before we install your new roof.

Roofing crew installin new protective sheeting
roofer 2.JPG
_IMG3095 (3).JPG
Roofing crew1.JPG
Before  &  After

Crews installing new composite shingles on this doublewide home in Springtown, TX

Workers roofing home
Roof completion with composite shingles

Wind damage roof replacement with new roof installation at this home in White Settlement, TX .

Wind damage on roof before replacement (
Work crew replacing asphalt shingles in Tarranty County TX
Vented ridge cap on roof Tarrant County, TX.JPG

Our roofing crew installing this new shingles roof with beautiful vented ridge cap.

Roof damage.JPG

Wind and hail damage resulting in dislodged section of shingles to this home in Tarrant County. 


Completed new roof installation of athis Pristine roof. 

Tarrant cty 1.jpg

Tear off of old roof with Crew preparing site for complete clean up of old shingles and all roofing  materials. 

Tarrant cty 2.jpg
tarrant cty 3.jpg
Tarrant County Hudson Oaks(2).jpg

Completed new roof on this home in Hudson Oaks.

Tear off Paradise TX.jpg

Paradise, Texas

Tear off of this old roof down to plywood decking  replaced with this sleek new roof.

GAF HDZ Timberline shingle Weatherwood c
GAF Desert Tan Weatherford TX.jpg

Final steps of installation on new roof in Weatherford TX using  freshly painted brown roof exhaust turbines.

Grey roof before.jpg
Grey roof final.jpg

Not only a new roof using architectural shingles, but a new paint job on this home in Weatherford, Texas. 


Our crews offer multiple additional services to provide a complete exterior make over.

Other Roofing Materials
porch metal roof Weatherford, TX
metal roof 26 gauge white reflective SSP, Weatherford, TX
correct metal transition flashing ins

Metal roof on house & wrap around porch, with closeup of the correct transition flashing installation on this home in Weatherford, TX - creating nice white reflective SSP using 26 gauge panels on this metal roof.

Quality Workmanship using 
Premium Supplies and Materials
IMG_9302 (2).JPG
IMG_9572 (2).JPG

American Heritage TX re-bricked a storm damaged chimney and custom designed and made the chimney cover at this home in Weatherford, Texas. 

New custom chimney chase cover_
open ridge vent using frost free water barrier shield
Frost free water vapor protective shield installation
High quality pinnacle pristine shingles

American Heritage TX Roofers installing a new ridge vent on a home by cutting into the  attic space to allow heat escape through the ridge vent.

Logo 1 dk blue only.jpg

Our Roofers installing New Architectural Shingles on this home in Parker County with a great view of the Weatherford Court House.

Red house logo

Installing  new ridge vent cap and new Architectural Premium Shingles on this home in Aledo, TX

Logo 1 dk blue only.jpg

This is one of our roofers tying in shingles to the valley of our customer’s new roof.  There is a frost free, ice and water barrier shield down in the valley which is then covered by a synthetic under-lament, then the new shingles.

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TX Mural Weatherford.jpg
IMG_7064 (2).JPG
IMG_0901 (2).JPG
American Heritage TX Logo
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