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Metal Building

Construction Services

American Heritage offers construction up from the slab to the finished building.  We offer custom design and a cost analysis quote for your project, including Carports, Garages, Sheds, Barns, Shops and other Metal buildings. 


Other services include installing new rain gutters or complete exterior painting.

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Metal Shop Building

42' X 63' Shop Building finished with Copper Color  26 gauge Rib Steel SSP Panels on the front and the sides using  Timber Tan Panels with

three over size drive-in openings finished with commercial sectional  doors.

Shop 7.jpg
Shop 1.JPG

Weld up frame of  14" Steel I Beams and 

10" Pearlings  for the building structure.

Shop 4.jpg
Shop 2.jpg

The walls and roof have 3/4 " Plywood installed for a completely enclosed building.

Shop 3.jpg
Shop 9.jpg
Shop 8.jpg

Insulated 1" R Max Foam board with double sided heat reflective shields applied to exterior walls and roof, giving year round comfort and energy savings.

Shop 6.jpg
Shop 5.jpg

Copper color rib steel panels on the front and Timber Tan on the sides with sealed roof and eve transition to complete the exterior.

Metal Rib Steel panels are available in a wide variety of Colors.


We obtain most of our metal panels and materials from  Jag Metal LLC in Weatherford Texas where additional color choices are available for your project.

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